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Benjamin Chee Chee
Celebrate Indigenous Art
Featured Artist for September-October


Kenneth Thomas Chee Chee


(26 March 1944 – 14 March 1977[1]), known as Benjamin Chee Chee, was an Ojibwa Canadian artist born in Temagami, Ontario.[2]

Chee Chee's father died when he was young, and Chee Chee was sent to residential school when he was a child, being separated from his mother. He later spent many years searching for her. He moved to Montrealin 1965 where he developed his love of drawing, and moved back to Ottawa in 1973.[3]


Chee Chee's first exhibition was held in 1973 at the University of Ottawa.[2] Soon after he gained fame as he developed his unique style of clear graceful lines and minimal colour, depicting birds and animals. Though his art featured a great deal of iconography often used by Canadian First Nations artists, Chee Chee had denied his art had symbolic meaning. He instead referred to the animals featured in his art as "creatures of the present".[3] He also specifically referred to himself as an Ojibway artist, as opposed to allowing himself to be categorized under the broader net of simply an "Indian" artist.

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