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Playful Art
Expressive art installation to celebrate Creative Art Therapies Week
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Artem Materia Medica      


Materia Medica - body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance use for healing

Artem - art, technique, skill, craft, science 


A plethora of possibilities

paint, paper, pencils, oil pastel,

flowers, grasses, leaves and twigs

buttons, bows, needles and thread

wool, whatnots, wood and whimsey

tattoos, sand, grit and pebble, tile,

dreamcatchers, nets and webs of silk

water, oils, clay and beads of glass

treasure maps, life lines, calendar circle

points of compass, globes with snow,

or just snow -

expressive art in any colour, texture, shape,

scent or sound, heavy, light, thin, or thick -

activate, express, understand, grow.


Margaret McKenzie

Feb. 2023

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